Anchoring Points

Last year when I had found myself particularly unfocused with stress and anxiety, I had an incredible vision. I saw myself on a boat, on a raging sea. It was a severe storm, and I couldn’t see much ahead of me. I was so afraid! Instinctively, I searched for the closest thing I could find that was attached to the boat. A pole that would stabilise me, and prevent me from being thrown overboard. I reached my arm out, held on for dear life and than the vision was over. I knew exactly what it meant. God was showing me how the word is like an anchoring point in a storm. When the waters rage, its the certainty of His word that stabilises me and keeps me from being thrown into the wind and waves. And in a storm, your only goal is to STAY ON THE BOAT!

I actively searched for verses that gave me hope to endure and ensured there accessibility. Those verses became my anchoring point for seeing through the hard times. They were just like the pole that I desperately held onto when everything around me raged. I realised again the power in Gods word to keep me grounded and focused. I looked at those verses several times a day, anytime I was tempted to doubt God or His ability to get me through.

I am now well and truly post-storm. The waters are calm, the sun is shining! But I haven’t forgotten the significance of the anchoring point. The way those verses gave me the foundations to see through the hard times. So even though I no longer feel like I am in a battle, I have promised myself that I will again search Gods word for His anchoring points in this new season.

I truly believe that every season has purpose. The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us so when He says “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Every season is different, with different demands on us. And God has His purposes for each season too. To the best of my ability, I endeavour to understand the specific season I am in so that I have some idea of Gods purpose for me in that season. I do this because I want to participate with Him through each season, to bring His will to pass. So to find my verses, I am asking myself the following questions:

What season am I in?

What is anchoring me in this season?

Just like when you squeeze an orange to get juice, I want to be certain that I got every last drop of growth out of the season I am in. I certainly don’t want to have to pick up another orange, because I didn’t drain the orange properly the first time.